Group Work 

Existential Conversations

A guided learning workshop and reflective development space to explore existential life issues, for the benefit of both the professional and their clients.

6 sessions of 2 hours each on specific existential topics

Each session in this series will begin with a short lecture by Allison on a specific existential topic (e.g. Death, Freedom, Choice etc), followed by group discussion and personal reflection to make the theory relevant to the professional’s practice and their personal lives.  Allison will help guide the members in their exploration and understanding of the subject matter, and possible application.

This group approach will heighten people’s understanding of their position in life and ideally help clarify what it means for them to truly live.  This is a unique, private, closed group that involves a free flow of thought and consciousness and supports curiosity, openness, and truth.

It is suitable for those new to existential ideas or those who already have some knowledge and would like to learn more, develop a deeper understanding of, and have a place to discuss, existential concepts

If you are interested in taking ownership of your own life, choosing one that liberates rather than constrains, and in equipping yourself to better support your clients in their existential challenges, then this is the space to share that journey.

All groups have 6 – 10 members.  They meet once a month (online) for 2 hours.  A commitment for six sessions is necessary to allow for group safety and trust to develop.

When :  First Thursday of each month

Times :  19:30 – 21:30 (Irish Time)

This Group is closed now. If you are interested to join our waiting list for the next group, please fill in the form below:
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What is Existentialism?

I also run tailor made groups as requested by communities, focus groups and organisations. Please contact me for further information here.

"Being part of the group was interesting and challenging and I took the risk of telling the other members that I find groups difficult. Saying it out loud to the group helped immensely, despite feeling the awkwardness of the admission.

My overall experience of the group was one of liberation. I felt acceptance and this underscored my self-acceptance. I’m aware of certain areas of discomfort and to hear that others in this work also have doubts, questions, and dilemmas is a reminder that we’re all challenged at times and we’re more alike than not.

I became more confident in the group, as others also opened up about their experiences. Listening to others and sharing my here-and-now experience was very liberating.

I am very happy with the outcome. The relationships in the group felt cohesive and contained a high level of interest. Trust comes from within and I found myself taking the risk to trust and it was wonderful. There was support, space, warmth, and holding in the group.

I would recommend Allison’s group to others and the description I’d offer is ‘risk something of yourself for great reward in a safe, supportive and informative group"
Brenda Farrell
'The Examined Life' Discussion Group 2021
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