About Allison 

I am a qualified psychotherapist, group facilitator, clinical supervisor, trainer and lecturer in the field of psychotherapy and supervision. I am passionate about helping people in understanding life and how we engage with the events that present themselves to us.

Before embarking on this career in 2000, I worked in Business, mainly in IT and Adult Education. I had travelled and explored many avenues by this point in my own attempt to understand myself and the world on a deeper level, and I still hold this curiosity and openness to always learning and going deeper within for self-awareness and conscious living. I believe that I bring this experience and compassion to each person I work with and I am deeply aware of the privilege it is to be trusted by another in sharing their life stories and experiences with me.

In addition to my private practice, I have been lecturing in third level education since 2006 primarily in Existentialism and Phenomenology from a Psychotherapeutic Approach, and in Group Dynamics, Psycho Dynamic Approaches: (The Role of the Unconscious), and Ethical and Professional Issues in Supervision.

Regardless of the forum I may work in (private, group, supervision, business), my joy comes in helping others find their own truth, whatever that may be for them, and to see them honour that and live it with joy. My aim is to help people live more conscious lives with less drama, less pain, and more joy and contentment through facilitating them in developing self-awareness and self-responsibility.
My Qualifications
While I regularly engage in continuous professional development and training, below are my main qualifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Counselling & Psychotherapy
Masters in Supervisory Practice
Post Grad Professional Certificate in Group Facilitation
Post Grad Certificate in Jungian Psychology with Art Therapy
Post Grad Certificate in Mediation Skills

I am also a fully accredited member of the following professional organisations:

Accredited Therapist and Supervisor IACP (Irish Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists)
Accredited Therapist and Supervisor, IAHIP (Irish Association of Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy)
Accredited Supervisor, SAI (Supervisors Association of Ireland)
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