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My Approach

I am passionate about my work and the transformation it can bring and believe that the client always has the answer within, even if at first, you feel blocked in being able to access that wisdom. My role is to facilitate you in accessing that inner knowledge.

Over the years, I have found the Existential and Jungian perspectives to be particularly helpful in this regard as they can really help us get beneath what appears on the surface. However, my overriding philosophy is to meet each person where they are at and to offer that which I think will be most helpful to them. Each person truly is unique and my varied background and experience means I can allow creativity in the process and trust what surfaces for each person.

This might mean we work with the unconscious through dreams and visualisations, or look at how we interact with others depending on what ‘role’ we are playing e.g. caretaker, rebel, victim, aggressor etc.

What matters most is that you feel safe and trust enough to know that I am there to hold you and support you as you work through the issues/parts that no longer serve you to hold onto.

I work one to one with adults over the age of 18 as individuals, or within a group setting.


Free 15 Minutes Conversation

The idea of starting therapy may be daunting, so please feel free to avail of the free 15-minute conversation which will give you a chance to talk with me, ask questions and become clearer if therapy seems like the right choice for you.
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