Life, Death and Transitions

It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.
- Marcus Aurelius-

Working with a therapist during pivotal life stages can help you stay the course and truly find a deeper meaning in your life’s journey.

Death is the only guarantee we have in life and yet it is the one which we deny the most. Society does not encourage us to contemplate death yet being able to acknowledge its inevitability can truly liberate us to become more conscious creators of our lives; to live a more personal meaning rather than following the herd.

When we embrace our freedom and responsibility in living our lives (most of our limitations are self-enforced through our thoughts and beliefs), a different type of energy flows through us.

At different stages in life, we can feel overwhelmed by the transitions that occur such as merging into adulthood, a midlife crisis (I prefer to call it passage rather than crisis), death of a loved one, loss of relationship, dreams, connection to self, etc.

While these are challenging times and we might feel we cannot cope, it is an opportunity to address our fears, claim back our power and re-emerge more confident, deliberate and at peace within.

Free 15 Minutes Conversation

The idea of starting therapy may be daunting, so please feel free to avail of the free 15-minute conversation which will give you a chance to talk with me, ask questions and become clearer if therapy seems like the right choice for you.
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