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There is a scene in the movie Avatar where part of an indigenous ceremony involves telling the person being initiated that they are truly seen.  For example, they would say I SEE YOU ALLISON, meaning they saw the true essence of the person.  I think this is something everybody longs for – to be truly seen for who they are at their deepest core.  Yet, how many feel comfortable actually being seen?  We long for that acceptance and intimacy and yet how much do we really allow another to see us.  

We wear all sorts of masks to portray what we think others want.  We wear masks to cover up what we think is unlovable. We wear masks because we are so long disconnected from ourselves, we don’t know who we are anymore.  

To allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to show our true selves takes a lot of courage but my goodness, to continuously wear a mask to cover up our inner self is exhausting and only serves to deepen the sense of shame and unworthiness we all carry on some level.

It is important to begin ‘coming out’ with people you trust will respect you.  This is not automatically those in your inner circle.  It can be but be mindful not to take that first - often scary step - in the very place you instinctively know it cannot be held.

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